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Fresh Start with Clean Bobbins

I usually try to start the new year with clean bobbins- but I’m running a little late!

Thankfully, having MLK day off helped me to get back on track.
I managed to get two more skeins of Prefect Green plied and wound off,


and then plied the odds and ends left on my various bobbins to make another smallish mixed skein (not quite as random as some years, as I’ve been focusing mostly on the green of late).

But it’s nice to have all these bobbins standing by all primed for their next project!


Still not exactly sure what pattern I will be using for the Perfect Green project.
A while back, I think I had settled on Bronwyn, but now I’m not sure I want to do a full sweater.
I like the versatility of vests.

So I’m still officially looking around.

Tarte Tatin is lovely, but I think it might be more flattering to carry the cabling and traveling stitch patters all the way up the front rather than doing the chest area in stockinette.

But I really don’t want to have to redesign something. I just want to find a pattern I can cast on and get right into.
I really love Vika, but do I even have enough green to spin 1500 yds of this particular blend?

Geez. Perhaps there is such a thing as having too many options.

Anyway, I’m not ready to start knitting my greens yet. There is time to figure it all out.

And I have the argyle panels done for my socks, but haven’t been quite ready to settle in for a long session of weaving in ends, so they are “paused” right at the moment.


I am tempted to start an “in the meantime” project….


because I already have the pattern, and think that I have a suitable yarn hanging out in the stash.
Might be just the thing to satisfy these twitchy fingers.

We Interrupt this Wool Blog

for a short dalliance with some cotton fabric (and batting).

Some of my knitting friends kept singing the praises of these little “bowlie” things- to hold bowls full of hot soup, stew, etc.
And the pattern seemed pretty simple, so I thought I’d give it a go.
(I still have lots of cotton fabric on hand from my quilting phase- it’s hard to let go of that kind of stuff!)

So I went back to my fabric bin, and found some coordinating bits.


After cutting out the squares of fabric and batting, I got down to business with the sewing machine


They came together pretty quickly-


Sewing is so fast (compared to knitting)!



They should be really nice for the containers I take my lunch to work in


Yay! Let’s hear it for the long-dormant quilting fabric stash!

Ok, now back to our regular programming.

Argyle progress continues apace


And I’m getting a lot better at this right-handed knitting thing!
Kind of a nice tool to have in your back pocket when you aren’t in a purling kind of mood 🙂

Argyle Accomplished, Monkey Business Resumes

They are done.


And I love them. I think I would make another pair, now that I’ve got the hang of it, except for all the ends!
I’m going to think about it a while and see if I can dream up a way to reduce the amount of weaving in required.

I’ve gotten a bit of a start on Burr (yep, I’ve decided to just go for it), but it doesn’t look like much yet, and the black yarn is so hard to photograph, so we’ll revisit that later.

But in other news, I’ve found another use for fancy Griff curls-
Check out the ‘do on that monkey!


Yep. I’m back in monkey production mode. Once they are assembled and embroidered these guys will be going to a local non-profit that provides temporary housing to kids who are having to enter foster care.


Grounded for their Own Good

It seems we’ve got some crazy eagle convention going on here or something.

They’ve been hanging out in the neighborhood for a month or so now, but until now they seemed to be focusing all their attention on the Samish River. Seems super late, but there must still be salmon running?

But this afternoon, just after the Seahawks miraculously won their wildcard game against the Vikings (!), I went out to celebrate with the critters and saw this


That is a tree right on the edge of our pasture.
I stood there for a while, chatting up the sheep, hoping that maybe he would move along if all the chigs were occupied in the shed with a bunch of scratch grain I tossed out to them. But no. Seems like he’s established a post.

I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the silly chiggins to innocently wander about with this thug eyeing them from above, so I took action to confine them in the shed for now by blocking the gaps under the interior gate and the shed entryway that are their primary access points.



They could still pop out from up on top of the hay if they wanted,,, but I think that’s a little high for them. Hopefully they won’t get that desperate to escape. They’ve got everything they need in there, and plenty of space for everyone to hang out. Hopefully in a couple of days the some of these aerial predators will move along.

In wool news, I’ve got one more skein of Chone yarn plied, washed and hanging to dry. Think that brings us to about 960 yards or so. And I’m done with knitting the argyle socks, but there is still a bit of seaming and a lot of end weaving-in to finish. So close, but yet, so far!

Also just wanted to put in a plug for the WSU Country Living Expo, coming up in a couple of weeks (Jan 30).
It’s going to be a great day of classes, an lunch is included in the registration fee.

If you have an old wheel sitting around that they’d like to get spinning again, or want to get some info and a little hands-on experience with a wheel before you buy one, I’m going to be teaching Spinning Wheels 101 (2 hour class) during sessions 1&2.

Have a great week!