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Off the Needles!


and blocking, pinned to a towel


It is indeed SuperGreen


and I love it so .

Here’s hoping that it dries quickly so I can wear it while there is still a bit of chill in the air 🙂

In other news, I got a start shearing Esther today. Just the head neck and chest so far.
It went really well I thought. Kind of a trust-building exercise.
She seemed to enjoy me giving her rubs and chatting her up while working on her new ‘do.
Pictures later-

Just a Little Off the Top, Please

The most unlikely of walk-in customers approached me this evening about getting a little trim


Yep, that’s Dottie.
Last year she was a bit of a handful at shearing time. Bucking bronco/jumping bean type of thing.
But this year she was all about getting rid of that heavy coat so I could give her some good scritches 🙂

I wasn’t really prepared for the shearing, and so didn’t have anything on hand to put the wool in as it was coming off- so I just stuffed it in my jacket as I went. Here is me afterwards-


And here is Dot with her partial haircut


Lookin’ pretty sporty, girl!

Kitten in the High Tower

I’ve been looking for a while, and just this week I finally got my hands on a shelving unit with great Kitten Tower potential!

I found it on this auction site, which I’ve found is a great way to get ahold of all kinds of random things that are being surplused from state agencies.

I liked how this unit is nice and open, and has shelves that are easily adjusted to permit a lot of different configurations.
I’ve got the litter box down low, but high enough off the ground to keep Gus from gaining access.


Up top is a a nice shallow produce box that makes a very luxurious kitten bed when outfitted with a thick and toasty felted sweater.


On the tall side I’ve rigged up a rolled jute rug that is a perfect scratching/climbing wall- this is the most adventurous route up to the penthouse!


And on the other side is her regular scratching post, which can also be used to access the middle level-


I’m also playing around with the idea of a hammock for an alternate lounging area- the current version is a deconstructed canvas tote bag.


I’m so pleased that she seems to like the new digs. She’s a good girl and I’m happy to share my wool room with her- we bond over our shared love of knitwear 🙂

IMG_2729 (Medium)<

Out of the Stash

Was just cruising around in the wool room this weekend when I was reminded that I hadn’t yet done anything (besides washing) with the amazing BamBam fleece that I brought home from Schoonover Farm shearing day last year!

So I dove in and started carding some up. Just a couple of ounces to satisfy my urge to give it a test-drive.
It’s really soft fine- and I left a little bit of lanolin in it (just a personal preference thing for spinning).

It’s still hanging up to dry, but here is a photo I took just after plying.


Should fluff nicely once it’s all washed up and dried.
It’s the most beautiful rich golden brown.
Good Boy, BamBam 🙂