Spring in the Garden

Everything is fabulously green and growing like it’s a time lapse video. I’ve been engaged in an epic battle to free our garden beds and borders from the bondage of buttercups, with some (albeit temporary) success. So in this moment that the lawn is mowed, the beds are (mostly) weeded and the evening sun is casting a beautiful glow on everything, I thought I would share some some shots of the things that are keeping my spirits up in the midst of this pandemic.

Roadside rose border
rugosa & lily hedge
rose & perennial bed
veg beds (w/ peonies behind)
potatoes & squash in makeshift compost bed
Boo kitten on patrol! 🙂
fall-bearing raspberries
maybe we’ll get quinces this year?
tiny pears!
black currants!
and the wall of rhodies

The bumblebees are thick on the rhodies right now. They just can’t get enough. I understand the feeling. The spring garden is intoxicating.

All She Wrote

I probably shouldn’t wait to post until Sunday night.

After a busy weekend I’m almost always nearly out of gas.

But here we are. 🙂

So just a couple little things to share as I close out the week

Making progress on my Layton-ish project. I’ve joined the front and back of the body (started separately because of the split hem) and I am safely in the land of circular stockinette stitch.

(It’s a little longer than it looks in that photo, because the hem rolls up a bit.)

I would have been farther along, but I had to re-knit the back 2.5″ of the split hem due to messing up the double slip stitch edges. Not even sure what I was thinking- it seems like such a simple thing. But it kind of threw me for some reason.

In any case, things are rolling along well now, and I really like the feel of the fabric.

Also wanted to post an update on that little rose I started from seed a few months ago

She’s really picking up steam! But what’s that little thing there at the edge of the pot?

It’s another seedling! Where did he come from?

It makes me think that perhaps I gave up too soon on the rest of those rose seeds. I guess I’ll separate him out when I re-pot his sibling.

Have a good week- and stay safe!

Lockdown Productivity

Progress on my Layton-ish sweater

Two sleeves knit, up to the armpits! It’s kind of hard to see in the dark yarn, but there is a little bit of a slip-stitch/cable panel that runs up the outside of the sleeve. Once the sleeves are joined to the body this detail will run up the shoulders and to the collar.

Also got those two bobbins of singles plied up so have plenty of yarn ready to get started on the body-

So that’s coming along pretty well now. 🙂

Also working on getting some fleeces washed- this is the back half of Dottie- drying after her initial suint soak and freshwater rinse

And the garden is starting to come up!

those are my just-spouted snap peas (under a protective layer of wire fence for now)

and the garlics are starting to recover from being divided and replanted.

Spinach, carrots, cukes and squash are poking out as well, but not much to see yet.

And out in the pasture, sheeps and chickens are trying to stay cool in out first really warm weather of the year. In the mid-80’s here this weekend!

They love watermelon rinds- special summertime treat-

nom nom!

Think it’s supposed to cool off and start raining tomorrow, but we’ve sure enjoyed our brief summer preview.

Layton Progress

Thought I would blog this week about all the garden work I’ve gotten done over the last week or so, but there actually isn’t much to see yet. With any luck my veggies will start germinating this week and I can share pictures of cute little seedlings.

In the meantime, I’ll document the progress of my Layton project.

Starting with the sleeves, using the magic loop technique. First time working this way, and I’m finally getting the hang of it. Little bit fiddly at the cast on edge getting everything started, but lots faster than DPNs once it’s established.

Continuing to spin yarn for the project- just filled another couple bobbins on Elsa, and will probably get that plied in the next day or two- should put me pretty close to the total required yardage.

Also managed to put the final touches on Dottie’s and Felix’s haircuts this morning. So that was cool. Should have gotten photos of the gang now that they are looking tidier, but that will have to wait for next week.

I do have a couple photos of Daphne “helping” me transplant those little cedar trees from the compost pile into the pasture-

Hey little girl- don’t eat my tree!
Who, me? I was just inspecting. Yeah, everything seems ok here 😉