E-spinner Progress

I think we’re almost done gathering all the parts and pieces required for the e-spinner project-

We’ve got the motor-


And the motor controller-


The man has wired those guys up and done some basic operational testing


And just yesterday the on/off, forward/reverse push-button switches and the dial for speed adjustment arrived.


I can’t wait to start putting all the bits together and build the box it will be mounted in!

Spin Mod

Hey hey hey- Electric Spinner motor and controller are on their way.
Should be here tomorrow, and then we can start figuring out how this thingee is going to work.

In the meantime, I’ll share a mod I’ve made to the Kromski Sonata flyer that we’re going to be using for the e-spinner project.

Right now this flyer is on my lateral treadle wheel that The Man built for me a few years ago.
It works well, and is very sturdy, but I’ve always found the hooks kind of annoying.


I didn’t realize when I selected this flyer that the hooks pivot.


I think that it must be to give you a little more lateral flexibility in how the yarn winds on. It’s fine for heavier yarns, but with finer singles I find that I can’t get a good even application of yarn on the bobbin. I get little hills, with valleys in-between.

Amazingly, I found that the hooks pull easily from the flyer arms, so I didn’t have to fuss at all over the removal. Nice.

And I have fitted on of the arms with a makeshift sliding yarn guide.




Pretty simple fix. And working well so far!

Fleece Preview, Wannabe Spring Chickens

Last days of February- winter in the morning, spring in the afternoon.
First time this year that I’ve hung out yarn to dry in the sunshine!


Probably a few weeks away from shearing, but the fleeces are looking very nice.








The shy white boys Frank


and Felix


opted not to participate in the fashion show, but when I last had my hands on them for hoof-trimming their fleeces were in much better shape than last year. So fingers crossed that they are not all felted up again!

And here is a little spring chicken action- feathered friends are good company for garden work

The Man is researching motors, controller, and pulleys and such- so hopefully we’ll have parts soon to play with for the e-spinner project. Stay tuned! 🙂

Bring on the Spring

February, despite it’s measly 28 days, feels like the longest month of the year.

So I’ve taken things into my own hands and cooked up a little bit of spring to get me through-


From top to bottom: Bloom, Sunshine, and Sprout. 🙂
And here they are all carded up


That will be fun to blend and spin. Maybe a some more “Faux-berball” type yarn?

In other news, The Man has signed on to help me build an electric spinner! I’m super excited, and plan to share updates on our progress over the next weeks/months. Design is still in development, but I hope to incorporate adjustable maidens to accommodate different flyers.

And I also wanted to share this awesome little video from HansenCrafts, the folks who make the Mini-Spinner.