Sunny Sunday Stills

Earliest Peonies

Reine de Violettes

Stanwell Perpetual

Edgar Yarn

Edgar hangin’ loose

Chone and Felix basking

Freshly washed and carded Dottie fleece

Dottie and Moto

And Baby Chickens getting bigger by the day
baby chicken 5 weeks

Just over five weeks old now. I figure at 7 or 8 weeks we’ll transition them out into an area near the big chickens so they can start to integrate into the flock. Just gotta work out the logistics.

Report from the Surface of the Sun

Yeah, we’re a bunch of weather wimps.
Sunshine is a lovely thing as long as the temps don’t get above 80.
When it gets into the upper eighties we run for cover. 🙂

The sheep spent most of the day hanging loose in the shade, but once the sun started dipping over the hills to the west they enjoyed some good grazing time on the newly mowed pasture.


One thing the warm weather is good for is drying fleece- and I’ve been making pretty good progress on this year’s wool crop.
Today I finished up Edgars.


It’s a beautiful golden brown and so soft- should coordinate beautifully with Bambam.

I finished up another batch of Bambam yarn this week- here it is posing with Stumpy the rooster-


Moto the e-spinner is doing a marvelous job with Bambam. I think that being able to just set a certain RPM makes it so easy to be consistent. And we just put the finishing touches on Moto, so now he’s got his regular scotch tension set up.


And on the knitting side of things, look who I finished up this week!


Her name is Flora, and she’s such a sweetie.

Of Sheeps and Skeins

So I think I forgot to show you how the little estonian sheep puppet turned out!


Isn’t he a cutie?


It occurred to me that you could do so many different things with these little sheeps. So many different styles and characters-
I’ve had this really lovely book for a few years now that I’ve been wanting to make something from,


and I found a great floral chart to make a very girly puppet


So pretty. Just needs ears, stuffing and some features. Hopefully complete by next week.

In other sheepy news, I am pleased to report that my boy Edgar is doing better. My current theory, as weird as it sounds, is that this is somehow related to him eating chicken poops, so I’ve been trying to keep areas around the shed cleared where the droppings tend to accumulate. Perhaps that will help break this nasty habit.

And I have a little Skein show and tell- I took my first batch of Bambam out for a photoshoot in the garden-



Sadie the sunshine pup says- have a great week!


Bits and Bobs

Just a random assortment of updates from the homestead today.

Edgar: Edgar is doing ok. Some days better than others (and evenings better than mornings?). He is about done with me fussing over him, though- so I’m trying to respect his personal space and just let him be.


Moto: I’ve been logging a fair bit of time on Mr. Moto spinner, getting a feel for his range of speeds. He’s awesome. Here is a bit of Frank/Felix sportweight-ish two ply I just finished up.


(My other wheels are probably starting to feel a bit neglected.)

Chickens: Baby chickens are growing up so fast! Their mama is still doing an awesome job of taking care of them. If you need a baby chicken fix, here is the live feed

Wool-work: It’s been good fleece washing weather, so I’ve been trying to get in a batch here and a batch there. This weekends washup was Bambam from Schoonover Farm. Bambam had a rough year (complications from castration last fall) but came through it and grew an amazingly soft and fine fleece over the winter.


I’ve also washed up about half of Dottie, and all of Frank and Felix that was left after heavy skirting. So nice to be able to dry things outside in the sunshine!

Etsy Shop: Is going to be deactivated as of May 17, because they have changed their seller policies and are requiring shops to use their direct payment functionality. So if you are interested in yarn or other woolen goods, you can see what I’ve got going over on my Farm Stand page. We’re going to keep this real simple and casual. If you see something you are interested in, just complete the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.