You Know You Have a Problem When

It’s over 90 degrees outside and you’re still playing with wool 🙂

Here are some of my lovely natural shades-


And a couple of hats I pulled together this week with a bit of blue thrown in



I love to do my spinning and knitting outside in the summer, but I have to admit, I’ve been inside hiding from the heat the last couple of days. I just can’t handle it.

Boo kitten, on the other hand, seems to kind of dig it. And she’s happy now that she’s got her hay lookout station back.


I think this week I’m going to take a short break from hatting to work on a special project that just arrived from Webs!


Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to knit up my very own Dolores.

Hay Makes Me Happy

And getting nice 2nd cut hay delivered in early July makes me Very Happy 🙂

Here it is all stacked neatly in the woodshed.


It smells so nice.
Happy Happy Happy

And here is another reason to be happy-



The big tree out back is pretty loaded, and has Rainier and Bing type.


Picked some today, but I think that by this weekend they will be at their peak.

Hope ya’ll are having a great 4th!

Suddenly July

Wow. That was fast.

Summa summa summa-time.

White sheeps lounging and cud-chewing

Dottie scratching an itch

And Chone coming in close for a cuddle

He’s such a sweetie 🙂

If you’ve been on the sheepcam recently, you might have noticed a large blue object sitting next to the hay feeder.
That’s a cobalt salt block- and I’m hoping that it might help with them processing the metabolic by-products of molybdenum (of which we have much in our pasture grass) The sheeps have been enjoying a cobalt block for about a month now- and have actually made a dent in it


Here’s hoping that it helps strengthen the hooves. Figure it’s worth a shot.

This weeks hat, fresh off the needles


And a red blend from the wheel


But as much as I love the fun and funky colors I’ve been playing with- I’m starting to feel a need to do a little bit of natural color work. Kind of a palate cleanser.

Spinnin’ the Blues

This week I started playing a bit with my “Deep Water” fleece. The fully saturated color is pretty intense,


so I thought I’d do some blending to create some different shades with Dottie (silver grey) and Frank/Felix (white)-
That worked out nicely, and I expanded my experimentation to make some blue-based multis


Here are all my little wool muffins waiting to be spun- in a cool sheep planter (seemed appropriate) 🙂


And here are the new spins!


Also have another hat underway- here’s a little close-up of the color scheme


I do love mixing and matching colors to come up with combos that kind of pop. Think this one is going to fun- the oranges and golds are so energizing, and the greens balance it, I think. Guess we’ll see when it’s done and blocked!

Also been meaning to mention a cool book that The Man got for me recently-



Been enjoying making my way through her adventure- meeting sheep of many breeds, their shepherds, and taking in the landscape.
Scottish Isles, sheep, wool, and socks- definitely a winning combination!