Livin’ the Dream

Amazing the difference a little sunshine can make.

It was a really productive weekend- I feel good about getting spring sheep maintenance (CDT, hooves, deworming) done


and the big apple tree pruned. And that feels really good.


I know it still looks kind of crazy, but trust me- it’s pruned! (I should have taken a “before” photo)

But I’m pretty pooped. So it’s time to take a break.
Just sit and breathe.
And knit. 🙂


SuperGreen looks pretty amazing in the sunshine. All that yellow-green in the blend just seems to glow from within.


Sweatering Along at a Goodly Pace


SuperGreen is coming along nicely. I’m about 4 inches below the arm holes, working some waist shaping decreases.
I’m enjoying the knitting, and am really pleased with how it’s turning out. So at least that’s going according to plan.

In other areas, I’m a bit behind. Managed to get some of the fruit tree pruning done over the weekend, but the sheep must have known that I had hoof trimming on my list, and never gave me an opportunity. So, pushing that agenda item to next weekend I guess.

I’m just glad to have left February behind. March might still have a bit of winter left in it, but it is a step in the right direction.

Hiding from the Slush

Yesterday there was (more) snow.

And today it is slush.

While I’m glad that it is a smidgen warmer and that meltage is happening, the resulting slippery sloshiness is no fun.

And so I am hiding from the weather and making good progress on my SuperGreen sweater


I’m pretty excited to have completed raglan increases and separated the sleeves from the body.
Now the rows go a little bit quicker, and it’s easier to see how it’s shaping up.


Note on modification to the Dry Creek pattern:
I’m working the cables as charted, but ignoring the yarnovers and associated decreases so there won’t be lacy holes in the panels. I don’t really like mixing cables and lace.


It was a little awkward at first, but now that I’ve done a few repeats it all makes sense- it helps that it is all very symmetrical and even.

And here are a couple other bits of sunshine I worked up while in hiding from the weather-



Color can be a powerful tonic.

The Problem with February

Is that you can have days like last Sunday


that really get your hopes up, and then out of nowhere, get hit with this



I knew winter wasn’t over, but I was kind of hoping we might just stick with our usual sogginess.
Somehow I can handle that better. Snow kind of gets me down.

So I’m distracting myself with a little sampling.
I decided the time was right to blend and spin up some Sadie fluff that I have been holding on to.
I only had a couple of partually filled ziplock sandwich bags, but a little dog hair goes a long way 🙂

I decided to make this a double tribute project, and selected some 2017 Edgar to blend with my Sadie fluff.


I’ve only spun up the two rolags so far, as a trial run to see how much twist/ply I’ll need.
My resulting sample is pretty fine, and very fuzzy. I about .1 oz, and 13 yds.


I think I’m going to work up a little swatch in a to-be-determined pattern. I might get as much as 280-300 yards of yarn out of the two batts I carded up, so it will be a small project. Maybe a lacy cowl. Something I can wear often, and feel next to my face.
I like the thought of Edgar and Sadie being close by. A couple of the sweetest four-legged friends a person could have.

I’m also making pretty good progress on my SuperGreen sweater.
With any luck I’ll have the raglan increases done and the sleeves separated from the body before I head back to work on Tuesday, as It’s getting a little crowded on my circular needle!