where were we? oh, right-

Little mister Gus has been keeping us pretty busy.


Thankfully, the weather has been really nice and we’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time outside, wearing him out 🙂

We’ve finally got all the frost-free spigots replaced, and the area where the big laurel came out cleared out and cleaned up!


Not terribly exciting, I know- but it’s been a long time coming, I’m mighty pleased.

I missed “Hug A Sheep Day” earlier this week, so tried to make it up to the woolly gang today. Got some quality time with the sheepers in the Fall sunshine, which was nice.


I should mention- it seems that the tables have turned out in the pasture. A couple of nights ago Dottie and Esther were tussling when I went out to do sheep and chicken checks. Seems like they got it sorted out without anyone getting injured, and Esther is now calling the shots.

Crazy girls.

And I’ve finally gotten back to working on my tiny birds- giving them eyes, and tassles to fancy them up a bit and make them into ornaments


I think they are pretty cute. Hope to get at least dozen done in time for the Holiday Festival Market at Beau Lodge on Nov 11.

A Good Kind of Tired

Trying to make the most of what might be our last good weather weekend of the fall-

Caught up on hoof trimming for Felix, Frank and Esther-


And tried to tidy up Frank and Felix’s fleeces a little-


Finally dug the rest of our potatoes-


Moved and replaced a frost-free water hydrant, mowed, and spent a fair bit of time playing ball with tiny Gus to work out some of his crazy energy-



And when I was all done, I noticed something kind of fun and completely unexpected.


Someone had come by and put these cute little pumpkins on all of our fenceposts, and all the way down the street as far as I could see.


No idea who it was, as we must have been busy out back when they came by.
But they made me smile.

And Now for Something Different

I’ve not been getting a lot of wool-work done lately, but have managed to finish a few more tiny birds (12 done so far)

And then yesterday I got the urge to do some garter stitch.






The fiber is Malabrigo Nube in the Diana colorway, that i picked up in Salt Lake City earlier this year. The chain plying is a bit uneven, but you don’t notice that so much once it’s knit up. Simple garter seemed the best way to show off the fabulous colors and make the fabric thick and squishy.

So there you go. 🙂

And in sheep news, I think that we might have turned the corner with flock relations. During Friday night’s heavy rain I noticed everyone (including Esther) hanging out in the shed. What a relief.

Go Hawks!

Washout Weekend

It’s been quite a rainy couple of days.
But that’s October. And we needed it. So no hard feelings 😉

But the sheep are still being difficult with regards to sharing space with Esther, so there has been some drama in the shed during the downpour. I think it’s slowly getting better, but sometimes it seems like one step forward, two steps back.
Kind of frustrating.

Anyway, this week i tried out another ornament pattern, Christmas Balls.


It has three designs, and i chose to work the Kilim chart.


Its a cute pattern, and i think it turned out ok, but i the design probably would show more clearly if I’d used a two-ply yarn, or if i could have figured out a way to block it properly.


I like it well enough that I’d knit it again, but I found it kind of fiddly doing stranded colorwork on double pointed needles, so it took me forever to make this little guy. Not really a quick project.

So i think I’m going back to making tiny birds (and finishing my shawl!)