Fresh Start with Clean Bobbins

I usually try to start the new year with clean bobbins- but I’m running a little late!

Thankfully, having MLK day off helped me to get back on track.
I managed to get two more skeins of Prefect Green plied and wound off,


and then plied the odds and ends left on my various bobbins to make another smallish mixed skein (not quite as random as some years, as I’ve been focusing mostly on the green of late).

But it’s nice to have all these bobbins standing by all primed for their next project!


Still not exactly sure what pattern I will be using for the Perfect Green project.
A while back, I think I had settled on Bronwyn, but now I’m not sure I want to do a full sweater.
I like the versatility of vests.

So I’m still officially looking around.

Tarte Tatin is lovely, but I think it might be more flattering to carry the cabling and traveling stitch patters all the way up the front rather than doing the chest area in stockinette.

But I really don’t want to have to redesign something. I just want to find a pattern I can cast on and get right into.
I really love Vika, but do I even have enough green to spin 1500 yds of this particular blend?

Geez. Perhaps there is such a thing as having too many options.

Anyway, I’m not ready to start knitting my greens yet. There is time to figure it all out.

And I have the argyle panels done for my socks, but haven’t been quite ready to settle in for a long session of weaving in ends, so they are “paused” right at the moment.


I am tempted to start an “in the meantime” project….


because I already have the pattern, and think that I have a suitable yarn hanging out in the stash.
Might be just the thing to satisfy these twitchy fingers.


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