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Coming Up for Air

August has been quite a month.

Many blog-worthy things have transpired (processing roosters, knitting retreat, eclipse, etc), but I didn’t have a chance to post about them.

And then yesterday, the last day of August 2017, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Sadie pup.
She was an old girl, and had been dealing with multiple health issues over the last few months.
She went out peacefully, surrounded by folks who loved her, and with a cookie in her mouth.

Sadie was about as easy-going and sweet a girl as you could imagine.

We had such good times, hanging out with the chickens

Rolling around in anything stinky she could find 🙂

Comandeering the sheep water

Playfully mixing it up with Wally

Posing for photos in the yard

Playing ball

Lounging on the couch

And just generally being a sweetie pie

She is deeply missed.


Dog Days

It’s been fun getting to know Skye this week

A little bit about the boy-

he is very photogenic

enjoys car rides

and walks in the park

he also really into tennis balls, pig ears, and getting his silly airplane ears scritched 🙂 (but I failed to capture those moments, sorry)

Meanwhile, out in the pasture, we thought we would cut up and haul off the the fallen tree branch, but it has become the the popular hangout for all species of critters. Go figure-


And work continues on the sheep shed extension- getting mighty close!

But Edgar remains unimpressed. 🙂

I have been kind of swatching, in a hat-as-swatch sort of way


and seem to be on a garter-stitch sort of roll right now.

Next colorway?


Hey, you’re not a sheep!

sadie chone 10-23-11

I think Chone is on to her.

Was really funny. At first he was all testy, stomping his hoof and staring her down.

Then he cooled out a little and came over to sniff her (at least he looked like he was sniffing).

But then sniffing turned to nibbling (I swear he nibbles on everything!), and I had to come to her aid.

Poor girl.

Anyway- look closely at Chone. Can you see it? He’s getting kind of “frosty” looking-

cuddlesheep 10-23-11

Neat, eh? He isn’t gray-ing out from the roots, but rather his fleece is getting shot through with white fibers. I first noticed when I sheared him last month, but the effect is much more pronounced now. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the spring.

And speaking of fleece, I made a couple of neat acquisitions this week-
This is Wilma, a beautiful double-coated mioget girl
who I brought home from the Schoonover Farm fall shearing. Mmmmmmm.

And this is an anonymous CVM/Suffolk cross that followed me home from Hidden Meadows Ranch.

I don’t usually go in for the fine-wools, but I thought that the cross was interesting, and might make a really good sock yarn. Will probably take me forever to process it, but I guess I’ll just take it in small bits.

And while I’m not quite done with the back of the Shadow sweater (maybe three more inches?), I think I’m still on pace for finishing it up by Thanksgiving-

and I’m pretty sure that the pieces will fit together when I’m done (fingers crossed).


Haircut Buddies & Sharing Spaces

I think that Chone has forgiven me.


The silly bugger was really good for most of the haircut, but then out of nowhere he just kind of flipped out on me and he refused to let me finish. So now he’s got a really silly lookin’ fluffy butt.


Here’s his album cover shot.  He likes this one because you can’t see how silly his rear end looks.


Thought this was a cool shot of Edgar’s one-month grown out fleece. Starting to get a little curl back on the tips.

Looks so cute and sporty.


Yeah, I got all short and sporty this week, too. Probably not showing off to best effect here, but you get the idea.

Sadie got all brave and ventured into the pasture with us this morning. Here are she and Edgar negotiating her visitor privileges.


Thought this was a nice shot of the rivals playing nice and getting pets.


On the other side of the fence:

“Wow, did I just lay that?”


and “Hey, are you going to be done anytime soon?”


“Can’t wait any longer. Sorry!”