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Frank and Felix Come Clean

Thanks to the rain on Saturday morning I was able to get a hold of Frank and Felix and start to help them out of their messy, felted winter coats.

Frank was a tough job. Most of his neck and upper back was felted all the way down to the skin. I think that he feels a lot better now that he’s free of it, even though he wasn’t too pleased about me fussing over him for so long. I found it interesting though that his chest and sides were starting to shed on their own- I don’t remember him doing that before. At least it made that part of the job go much more smoothly.


Felix’s neck was pretty felted too, but was easier to get away from his skin, so it went a little faster.


Most of the fleece from both boys was not really worth saving, but I was able to salvage some nice chest wool (after trimming away about and inch and a half of felted tips off it all). It was all damp from the rain, so I washed it right away, and was pleasantly surprised at how white it came out (really should have taken a “before” photo)


Both of them have such beautiful wool. It’s a shame that so much of it ends up unusable. I think I’m going to try the fall shearing again this year and see if that helps.

In other wool news, I finally spun up a skein of my saved up Sadie undercoat blended with Edgar’s 2017 fleece.


Now I just have to find the right way to use it.

And I also wanted to share a photo of a little post-sweater project I worked up out of my first skein of Bambam Too 2017 (Schoonover Farm)


Between the rich brown color, soft hand & squooshy crimp I enjoyed every minute of this little cowl!

Out of the Stash

Was just cruising around in the wool room this weekend when I was reminded that I hadn’t yet done anything (besides washing) with the amazing BamBam fleece that I brought home from Schoonover Farm shearing day last year!

So I dove in and started carding some up. Just a couple of ounces to satisfy my urge to give it a test-drive.
It’s really soft fine- and I left a little bit of lanolin in it (just a personal preference thing for spinning).

It’s still hanging up to dry, but here is a photo I took just after plying.


Should fluff nicely once it’s all washed up and dried.
It’s the most beautiful rich golden brown.
Good Boy, BamBam 🙂