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Off the Needles!


and blocking, pinned to a towel


It is indeed SuperGreen


and I love it so .

Here’s hoping that it dries quickly so I can wear it while there is still a bit of chill in the air 🙂

In other news, I got a start shearing Esther today. Just the head neck and chest so far.
It went really well I thought. Kind of a trust-building exercise.
She seemed to enjoy me giving her rubs and chatting her up while working on her new ‘do.
Pictures later-

Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there!

Don’t remember if I ever mentioned Barnaby before–


But here he is- all finished and ready to go out on the town (or the pasture)

He’s a pretty dapper little guy, with a subtle tone-on-tone diamond pattern and a little bit of argyle-ish diagional detail.



Here he is doing a little meet and greet with some of the gang




I think Chone was disappointed that he wasn’t a treat 🙂

Driving Miss Esther

Yesterday we brought a new girl home 🙂

Her name is Esther, and she’s of CVM/Romney/Icelandic parentage- so kind of a big full-figured gal. Too much sheep for the back of the Subaru! (how I brought Dottie home last year), so we had to get out the big blue truck.

Here is Esther contemplating the ramp we rigged up to get her into the back…..


And safely loaded up.


Thankfully it wasn’t a very long trip, and we got her back out of the truck and settled at home without much fuss. She’s a sweet sheep and was a pretty good sport about the whole thing 🙂

Esther 7-29-17

She’s just getting her bearings in her new environment, and Dottie has been making sure she knows who is the boss out there, but I think that she’s going to be a great member of the flock, and a good buddy (she’s very people-friendly).

Welcome Esther!