The Layton-ish sweater is delivered, and while I wasn’t able to be there for the initial try-on due to Covid concerns, I hear that it is a good fit! So I am really pleased (and relieved). You just never know until they slip it on!

So Layton is officially a done deal. And I’m still in prep mode for Alcott, spinning up more Griff and Frank yarn to use in the project. It’s coming along really well, but in the meantime, I needed to get something on the needles.

Thankfully, I have a fairly robust stash 🙂

There is a particular skein that had been calling to me. one that I picked up in La Conner when I was out on a field trip with my knitting peeps from work, back in Feb.

It’s an amazing melange- colorway is called Kandisnky, and I’ve cast on for a garter stitch cowl. Something simple that lets the colors be the main feature.

75% wool and 25% bamboo, and so it has a sheen that is a bit like silk. I’m finding it a pleasure to knit, just watching the way the colors play off each other.

In other news, hay was delivered on Friday!

It’s all put away in the woodshed now, and it smells awesome. 🙂 Hay makes me happy.

And all my efforts in the veggie garden are starting to (literally) bear fruit.

In addition to the raspberries and blueberries that we’ve always got this time of year, I’m harvesting carrots, potatoes, and snap peas. And zuchinni are on the way!


    • denisemor

      I know, right? I am so pleased. Was getting a little nervous because of the wet weather in late June/early July. This is the third cut. A little spendy, but at least I only need a bit over a ton.


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