Dye Day 2020

I’ve been wanting to do some dyeing for a while, but it was only today that my plan came together.

I decided to dye a combination of yarn (Frank and Griff light fingerling two-ply) and locks (Felix and Esther) for use in the Alcott vest project and other blending fun.

Today’s colors are Abundant Earth Wool Tinctures Garnet and Malbec, and Gaywool Bushblends Cypress

Here’s my setup. I love my big steel pot.

And here are the results!

Was really pleased with how it all turned out- the Wool Tinctures went further than I expected, too. The packaging indicated that each packet should color 7 oz of wool, so I weighed everything carefully ahead of time to ensure that I’d could get maximum saturation. But I found that after my planned yarn and fleece batches there was still a bit of dye in the bath, and so I found some extras to exhaust it on- felt scraps and carded batts

So that was fun. But by the time I was finishing my third batch it was really heating up out there. Was glad I’d gotten an early start.

Time to follow the sheeps’ lead and head for the shade-


    • denisemor

      Well, hope at least you got some good rest. I know your work must be very trying with the covid situation still such a concern. If you get the chance, though, I strongly recommend some wool/color therapy. It almost made me forget about the current state of our country for 3 whole hours.


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