New Ewe Revue

Big news in the pasture this weekend!

Friday afternoon Matt, Jena and Elton from McIntrye Family Farm delivered Fiona (previously Harmony), a sweet little Icelandic ewe lamb with a lovely creamy fawn colored fleece.

Here she is meeting Ether, Dottie, Daphne and Felix

She cried for her mama a little bit the first evening, but since then she’s seemed to be settling in pretty well.

Here she is over by the shed with Felix and Dottie (because Felix, being a shy boy, doesn’t get that much exposure on the blog) 🙂

So excited about the new little girl, and to have creamy brownish tones back in my fleece palette.

And in project news- I’ve been busy doing some fine spinning for the Alcott vest. Lightest yarn that I think I’ve ever done. This Griff two-ply is coming in at about 115 yds/ oz

Hope to achieve a similar-weight two ply from Frank’s last fleece, which I’m hand carding.

I’d almost forgotten how much I like spinning from rolags.


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