Sheeps and Peeps

Big sheep weekend!

First off, I went to help with shearing day at Schoonover Farm on Friday-

It was a good time, and I came away from it with a lovely medium-dark brown fleece from a wether named Coco:



Then today was sheep maintenance day here at home-

We did hooves, CDT vaccines, dewormer, and CoSeCure boluses

And then I hung on to Felix so we could relieve him of his winter coat.


I almost got done. But he’s still got a hula skirt hanging low on his ample hips 🙂


And as for the Peeps-

Meet the Guinea girls!


They are just little- about 4 weeks old, and so a re too little to go into the pasture with the sheep and chickens,
so we’ve made them a little pen under the eaves of our old dilapidated chicken house.


They have a heat lamp in there, so hopefully they will be nice and comfy hanging out there while they gain some size and strength.

Welcome Peeps!


  1. Barbara B Wills

    I would like to talk to you about your clippers. I am teaching 5th graders about Colonial life and the value of sheep. I can’t bring a sheep, but I would like to have a pair of hand shears. Where can I get some like yours?

  2. Carolyn Carson

    HI, I’m contacting you because I am about to acquire a Pirtle and I’m looking for as much information as possible about it. Do you love yours AND do you know how to contact Paul Pirtle? I see that he posted here last summer.


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