Monkey Business

Meet the Monkey.


I think I’m naming him Seth.
He kind of looks like a Seth, doesn’t he?
Not sure his eyes are right yet. The green centers don’t stand out very well.
Might take another shot at them sometime this week.
But Seth thinks it’s pretty cool that I’m knitting myself a sweater so I’ll look like him.


Maybe once I finish my sweater I’ll make him some clothes too.
What are stylish monkeys wearing these days?

Anyway, I’m almost to the point where the arms join the body and grow into the yoke.
Exciting stuff!
It’s all going according to plan so far, but I am a little anxious to get to the shoulder shaping.
I’m working at a smaller gauge than the pattern, so my stitch count is higher and I’m having to do some math to adjust the pattern, but I’m pretty sure the ratios are about right.

Me and the Monkey signing off for now-
Have a good week!



  1. basicallybenita

    I agree that you need to darken his eye color – but where do you get the pattern??? I love Seth.

    And it is sooo cool that you are going to have a Monkey sweater to match him.

    • sheepsclothing

      thanks benita- the pattern is actually right in the sock packaging- they are Fox River Mills Red Heel Rockford work socks. The hardest part about making them is sewing the mouth area on. I’m working on developing a good method for that-


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