Off the Needles!

Despite my neglect of the blog, I have actually been making steady progress on the Monkey Sweater.



It’s 99.9% done.

Only a few ends left to tuck in.

Maybe I’ll get to those tonight.

I think this is the fastest I’ve ever finished a fleece-to-sweater project.
Almost exactly 2 months.
I already had a few skeins of the yarn spun, but that’s a pretty quick spin/knit for me!

And it’s the first sweater I’ve spun on “Spedj”- that’s the name I’ve just settled on for the Lateral Treadle Wheel.

Next Up:
Monkey Hat

Yeah, I’m still in Monkey Mode.

Meet Miles (on the left)



  1. Jody

    That is a really fantastic sweater Denise.
    You have inspired me to knit a sweater with my handspun GotlandX lambswool. I cast on last night 🙂


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