Will Work For Fleece

It’s been a good weekend.
Always helps when you have a couple extra days.

I really should do that more often.

Thursday I went over to Schoonover Farm to help with their shearing.
I always jump at the chance to help with something like this, because it’s a great opportunity to learn (and earn a really nice fleece!)

This year I chose Spike.
Here he is being shorn:


The fleece:



And the first yarn:


Mmmm mmmmm good.
Good show, Spike!

Saturday, we did our sheep maintenance routine- hooves, deworming, and administering the CoSeCure boluses for the first time.
It was a bit hairy, getting the boluses down them, until we developed a technique,, but they all got done. And it doesn’t look like anyone has spit them up, so I think we’re good!

This afternoon was really beautiful, so I was going to go out and get some fleece photos, but the boys wouldn’t cooperate.
So, I decided I would take samples instead.

Went back to the house to get the nice new little shears that got just recently.
Thought I would just get a couple snips worth, as a preview.

But when I got out there, Edgar just walked right up and said “Take it off. Take it all off”

And so I did.


First he just stood there while I was clipping.


Then he sat down.


And I just kept on clipping.

At some point, the other guys got curious and came around to see what was going on.


I had Frank climbingup on my back, and Chone nibbling on my ear.

Crazy guys.

But it was fun. Edgar was so relaxed, and I just kept chatting him up, telling him how sporty he was gonna look in his new ‘do.

Probably took an hour or more.
I just took it slow and made sure not to get too close to any skin.
He’s still got a half inch to an inch of wool on him everywhere, so I don’t think he’ll get too chilly.
Seems mighty relieved to be rid of the heavy coat, actually.

And I’m glad to take it from him.



Edgar’s a bit lumpy lookin’ and the fleece is a bit jumbled,, but I think we’re both pretty psyched about how it went.

Who’s next? Perhaps on we of the big boys?



    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks. I was pretty amazed by Edgar’s patience too! Must have felt really good to be free of the fleece. And we got some nice quality time during his haircut. 🙂

  1. Jody

    What calm and friendly little guys 🙂
    Can’t wait to see all their fleeces and what you will do with them Denise!
    One of our ewes, Abby, is going to lamb soon so I got in her little pen and began rubbing her back and scratching her big tummy. She relaxed, closed her eyes and layed her head on my shoulder. Ahh…sheepy bliss. I just luv sheep!

    • sheepsclothing

      Lets hope they were all paying attention to how Edgar approached the whole shearing thing. He’s definitely set a good example! I asked Edgar what he thought I should make from his wool, and he suggested a vest. Something very classic and back-to-school looking.

  2. Farmlady

    How interesting. I would love to do this and learn how to shear these guys. I’m sure the ol’ back hurts when you’re through but look at all that lovely fleece. Oh my!
    Great photos! Especially the last one. That one is worth framing.

    • sheepsclothing

      It would have been easier on the back to kneel,, but the straw on the ground was pretty wet, so I toughed it out. The fleece is indeed a great motivator-


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