What a Difference a Week Makes

Sheep, Feb 20:


Sheep, Feb 27:


With any luck, all this icky white stuff will melt in the next couple days and we’ll get back on track towards having an early spring.

Don’t laugh! That’s what the groundhog said, right? And Phil is at least as qualified to get my hopes up as any other weather guesser!

The sheep seem fine, albeit a little put out that they can’t get to the grass that they know is down there somewhere. They’ve got a de-icer in their water bucket and lots of hay to keep them busy munching.

The chickens, on the other hand, aren’t really equipped for the cold and the wet. I feel bad for them, and do what I can to make sure they have good places to hunker down and stay out of the worst of it. Poor girls.

Me, I’m just cuddling up to Wally to stay warm. He’s a seriously toasty boy.
The man tried to get some photo documentation, but sweet Wallace seems to have developed an aversion to the camera.

I keep thinking I’m going to start a new sweater project,, but haven’t gotten down to it yet, so in the meantime, I’m just going Brioche-


No idea what it’s going to be yet,, but it’s fun to do, and feels fabulous, so I keep doing it.
Soft and squishy and stretchy. Love Brioche stitch.

And the spin of the week is mystery wool (probably BFL?) from the stash-


That’s all I’ve got, besides a cold.

I’m going to go take my NyQuil now and call it a day.

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