New and Exciting Developments

Meet Wallace!


We brought Wally home from the Whatcom Humane Society yesterday.


He’s a Bassett/Lab mix. Kinda like a long lab on short legs!


Wally is such a great guy. Gets on well with Syd, doesn’t chase chickens (!) and is willing to be friends with Boo kitty if she’d give him a chance.


He met the sheep yesterday too, but they were a bit much for him. Edgar rushed him and he got kinda nervous.

Those sheepers are pretty bold. It was probably too much excitement for one day.

He slept really hard last night.

And in Wool News, it was a knitting week:

IMG_2609 (Medium)

Almost down to the armpits on the stashbuster sweater- and I really like how it’s turning out. The colorwork is a nice easy every-other stitch-type thing, with some purling thrown in to make the little color specks pop out. Thinking that I might cardigan-ize it once it’s done, but am not sure yet.

Also not sure whether I’m going to use a different dark-brown wool to finish the bottom, or whether I’ll be going back to the fleece stash to spin up the remaining Border Leicester.

IMG_2611 (Medium)

We’ll just see how it goes-



    • sheepsclothing

      Yeah, he was a pretty lucky find-seems like he’s going to fit right in here with all the other critters. He’s a really sweet guy!

  1. Mom

    Wow! Another addition to the farm! Now all you need is a little Grommit!
    Maybe a tiny little white dog. Anyway, so glad Wallace fits in with all the
    other members of the extended family. Certainly is an interesting looking little dog. Just think if he had been a Basset body on long Lab legs!!

    • sheepsclothing

      Actually, he’s not that little a dog– he just weighed in at 67.4 pounds at the vet yesterday- so he’s about one and a half Syds!

  2. Michelle

    I just love Wallace’s head/face; it’s a perfect blend of his parentage and such a sweet, happy expression! Your sweater is gorgeous, too; no surprise there. 🙂

    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks Michelle. I’m sure some people would say he’s kinda funny lookin’- but I think his goofiness makes him all the more endearing.


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