The Prodigal Sheep Returns


I finally got him.
Was just a matter of using the right bait!
Turns out that the little bugger just can’t resist apple leaves and pea vines.

I’d been working on him all week. Getting a little closer each time.

Sometime Wednesday or Thursday I actually had him distracted enough with the goodies that I got to scritch him behind the ears, and I don’t think he even noticed!

So today were were going for the full on catch and hold.

I showed everybody the goodies, then walked them into the shed and plopped them in the feeder.
All the guys, including Griff, came in for the buffet.

Ahh. Sweet victory.

Here we are all hanging in the temporary sheep shed
All the boys in the shed

I did hold and pet Griff twice, and there is photographic evidence, but apparently I look pretty goofy in the pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Chone says “Hey, what’s the big deal about petting him? I thought I was your little buddy!”

My Little Buddy

And here is my “Hug A Sheep” picture:
Soggy but Sweet "Egger"

Little Edgar is such a sweet boy, even when he’s soggy.

In Destashing News, we’ve got more white Romney flying off the wheel (thick singles go pretty fast):
Bargain Romney Destashing

And on the other wheel, I’ve got bargain shetland that has been hibernating for some time up in my office-
Bargain Shetland Destashing

Almost on the needles-
Sweater Challenge

This pile hopefully going to work up into a nice simple top down raglan.
Another designing-on-the-fly kind of thing, I think.

Just my style.

Have a great week!


  1. Nancy

    Congratulations on your victory!
    Do you want me to put your HAS picture on the HAS website?
    It’s very cute!

    (Hug A Sheep!)

    I HAS…
    have ewe???


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