Who’s the Fairest?

Some wool highlights from the Evergreen State Fair!

Rainbow Romney:
IMG_2563 (Medium)

Wool show!
IMG_2565 (Medium)

Award winning colored fleece:
IMG_2567 (Medium)

Award winning white fleece:
IMG_2568 (Medium)

(no- I didn’t being anything new home)

Cheviot (?) primping for the show ring:
IMG_2570 (Medium)

Gotlands all tuckered out:
IMG_2571 (Medium)

Ok, that’s all I had time to see in Monroe.

In other news , I finished knitting the big hooded scarf thing- it’s drying and blocking right now, so not ready to be modeled, but here are some sneak peeks.

IMG_2593 (Medium)

The one problem- or possible problem, is that since I knit it out of a whole bunch of different kinds of yarn, the gauge changed from one side to the other. So, same number of pattern repeats= different length.

IMG_2584 (Medium)

The question is- do I rip out the last two inches or so of the longer side, or do I just try to embrace the asymmetry of it.

What say you?

And here is this weeks skein. I think it’s so lovely. Soft and lofty and full of potential.

Out of the fleece stash, into the yarn stash!

IMG_2587 (Medium)

Sorry. No sheep shots today.

It’s a soggy day on the homestead.


    • sheepsclothing

      I think y’all are right about leaving the scarf asymmetrical. I really like the white on the tip, and seeing as how the project was supposed to be for using up partial skeins, it seems kinda silly to unknit and add the bits back to the stash!

  1. Michelle

    That is the best wool show display method I have ever seen!

    I say embrace the assymetry; it goes with the variety of yarns. Once on with the ends flipped over your shoulders, who’s going to notice?

  2. Jody

    Oh boy, that’s my kind of show…lots of fresh and gorgeous fleeces!
    As for the scarf…it’s really hard for me to say unless I am there looking at it in person. If it was mine I would say go with your first instinct!


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