Fleece, Feeders and Feathered Friends

So, first off- the fleece!

Finally was able to clip a couple little samples of fleece from my woolly friends (a little treat to distract them helps a lot!)
Fleece samples 8-10

You can’t really make out the markings on the ruler (at left), but it’s total length is 5 inches.

At this point, Franklin and Felix are just under 5 months old, and Chone, Edgar and Griff are about a month behind them.

Took these photos while I was out hanging with the boys today.

Sweet "Egger"

Silly Chone

Handsome Frank

I have to say, it is about the coolest thing in the world to have these woolly buggers out in the pasture. Just love the guys.

On the de-stashing front , I finished up spinning Huey this week! Here are my results (minus a skein and and FO that have already found other homes)

Hat and cowl
Huey Projects2

Four more chunky-weight skeins to play with!
IMG_2562 (Medium)

Huey was a fun spin-
Next on the de-stash agenda is white Romney.
This is the same bargain Romney that I experimented on last summer with the cold water wash.
After the first bath, it sat in a bin for a good long time. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.
While is was quite clean, it still had a lot of lanolin in it, and after a time, it got really waxy feeling.
So, I had to give it another bath- this time in nice hot water.

IMG_2402 (Medium)

But look at this washwater! It is just milky white. Not a trace of crud anywhere.
IMG_2403 (Medium)

So, I have to say, the cold water soak really does get the dirt and crud out. Just not the lanolin.

Here it is all re-washed and sorted
Cold Washed Romney

I may just flick card as I go, or I may get out the combs at some point and really hit it hard.
We’ll see how it goes-

Destashing Romney

In other news, this weekend the boys got fancy, short-sheep-sized feeder (because they went on sale at our local farm store)- here they are trying it out:
Boys at the new feeder

It’s a major up grade from the piece of fencing stapled to the wall of their shed that had been holding their hay!

And here are the feathered friends:
Greek Chorus

Silly chickens sit right by the front door and squawk at me for collecting their eggs.


Poor Rosie. She does look distraught.


  1. Jody

    Hi Denise…thanks for commenting on my blog. I am OK…still in shock over my girls death but life goes on doesn’t it.
    I will post when the two new Gotland rams arrive….hopefully next week 🙂


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