Old Knitter, New Tricks

The Stashbuster Sweater (it probably deserves a better name) is coming along nicely-

IMG_2616 (Medium)

But it’s getting large enough now that it’s kind of awkward to knit on the bus. I’ll probably still haul it around with me every day,, but now it’s kind of an evenings and lunch hours kind of project. 🙂

So, I’ve got to get another bus project going! (can’t see wasting those commuter moments).

And I’ve always liked the idea of knitting socks from the toe up.

It makes so much sense.

But I am in some ways very much a creature of habit.

And I have my basic sock recipe down pat, so I don’t really have to think about it. Just cast on and go.

But I am finally going to reach beyond my sock comfort zone and give this new-fangled method a go.

IMG_2614 (Medium)

I’ve had this beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot (colorway: Ruby River) in the stash for a bit, and I’d really like to have a cool new pair of red socks-

IMG_2612 (Medium)

the photo really doesn’t do the yarn justice. It has all kinds of really beautiful purple and orange-y tones in it. Will try to do better on the next round of in-progress shots.

And, I’ve even done two swatches on different sized needles. I started on size 2s,, but at 7 stitches/inch, I think that the fabric might be a bit too loose. So, I think I’m going with the 1s to get a firmer fabric. Hopefully this will make my beautiful Ruby River socks last a good long time.

So, now I’ll sign off and cast on.

Wish me luck!



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