Unauthorized Fleece Acquisition

Well, I made the resolution with the best intentions.
But how can you turn down lovely Shetland wool?

Tell you what-
If lovin’ fleece is wrong, I don wanna be right.

Meet Huey:


He’s a little jumbled there, having just been washed and air-dried.

Here he is all swatched up:


And here it is a little closer:


And even closer:


I’m really loving Huey’s fleece.
It’s really fine and silky, and feels just like a merino/silk blend, only alot easier and more fun to spin.

I’m thinking soft and lofty three-ply. Maybe something cabled…

And I beleive that in my recent single-minded pursuit of completed pasture fencing, I may have forgotten to mention my current knitting project:


This is from the Romney fleece I purchased last November from Eileen Hordyk of Sand Hill Romneys.
I’ve separated the fleece into three different shades and am spinning up a lightweight two-ply for a EZ-style seamless saddle shoulder v-neck pullover.
I’m about two weeks into it, but it’s taking a while since it’s on size 3 needles.

But it’s nice and easy, round and round and round in a 3×1 ribbing, and I’m enjoying the process.
And I think I’m really going to enjoy the sweater. One of those “goes with everything” wardrobe items.

And, just because she hasn’t been seen on the blog for a while, here’s Boo Kitty-


She’s got a birthday coming up. The big 1.0



  1. Jody van Dooijewaard

    Happy Birthday to your kitty (my siamese will turn the big 11 next month)
    That shetland fleece is very impressive….I luv that fawn colour. I am hoping for a lighter coloured lamb from my Gypsy.
    Your spinning is so lovely!

    • sheepsclothing

      Yeah, I love the caramel-y colors, too. I picked this one out while it was being shorn at Donna’s a couple weeks ago. A pretty neat way to shop!

  2. schoonoverfarm

    I love your quote- sorry to contribute to your habit though.
    Huey’s fleece is just gorgeous in your very capable hands. I am thrilled that it washed up nicely and is easy to spin. The variation of the close up on that swatch is really pretty. I am thinking cabled too!
    The color variation on your sweater is interesting too. I do not think I would have the patience for a #3 needle sweater but it appears to be an easy pattern.

    • sheepsclothing

      No worries. I have the wool under control. 🙂 Managed to offload a bit of lesser-quality stash volume last weekend, so the overall quality of the stash is twice improved!


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