Fencing Progress

Day 4 of our fencing adventure started slowly.

We were already pretty sore and tired from the labors of the last three days,

and it was a foggy and rainy morning.

We geared up and headed out to the pasture, and set about drilling a hole for yet another H brace.

And man-o-man was it a bugger.

Rocks. Big rocks. Pretty much the whole way down.

Hole from Hell

And the hole digging had been going so well yesterday.

But we got through it. And spent the rest of the day tearing out old


Hauling off the old

clearing the fenceline

Weed Whackin

and installing the new

Far side north pasture

Amazing how much time and energy this takes.

We’re getting there. Slowly but surely.

Gotta go rest up for tomorrow.


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