I think I’ve got all the yarn I’ll need to complete the “shades of gray sweater”

(taken on location while I was waiting for a bus yesterday)

and I figure I’m about 1/3 complete, knitting-wise.

So my spinning focus has shifted to Huey.

I’ve got about 2/3 of his fleece washed up now, and I’ve started swatching around….


(same bus stop- the light was really great)

It’s the most beautiful ginger-y color, and I really like it as a lofty, softly spun three ply.
So soft. So silky. And just a hint of pearly luster.


Oh- and I forgot to mention last week that the Experimental Sweater finally fulfilled it’s destiny-
I got talked into entering it in the Arts and Crafts show at work:


And all because that silly scarf aspired to be a more than an accessory


Time to go play with my fleece.


    • sheepsclothing

      Yep. He’s on his way to being something vaguely aran….should be fun.
      The show wasn’t judged,, but I got lots of nice feedback from people at work!


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