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Adventure Chicken on Walkabout

A while back we noticed that one of the new girls was getting out of the pasture during the day.
She would be out in the yard, and, assuming that she wasn’t able to get back in herself, we would go out and open the gate to let her back in with her friends.


But over the last week or so it has become clear that she is a chicken apart, who has her own ideas about where she wants to hang out, and can come and go from the pasture as she pleases.


I spent some time observing our adventure chicken, and it turns out that she is returning to her chick-hood pen over on the other side of the yard to lay her eggs.




I figure as long as I know where to find her eggs, I guess we’re good. No point in trying to keep her in. She’s a free spirit.

But I have taken steps to try and keep the crows from their egg thievery!


Net. Lots of net.

Crows are way too smart- I’m sure that if they really want to they can find a workaround.
But I’m hoping that it is just annoying enough to make them go somewhere else to get their goodies!

And, of course, there are more hats-


Only a month or so until the holiday market I think I can maybe get another 6 done by then.

And after that, I think I might be ready for a sweater project. It’s been a while since I’ve cast on for something big, and I’m starting to get the itch!