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New Favorite Hat

A quick and satisfying little knit (from the bottom skein in the pile from 3 posts ago)-


and a perfect fit!


Thanks to a little afterthought earband.


Which makes it snug and secure.

I can tell we are going to have lots of good times, me and my new favorite hat-

Winter is right around the corner, and it’s already gettin’ kinda nippy.

Next up, some toasty and hopefully hard-wearing mitts!


Four Hat Limit

Apparently four hats is as many as I can knit in a row.


I was going along, feeling like I was kind of in the groove, cranking out hats and feeling pretty good about it- I mean, you can never have to many hats, right?

Then I finished number 4 on thursday night and I knew I had to move on.

So here we go.
New project.

Vintage Mood

In a blend of Frank-Felix, Griff, and Coco (to start)


The construction on this is really interesting-
You start from the center back, working upward and over the shoulders, increasing on the outside edges to create the shoulder caps and fronts, finishing with an integrated shawl collar. Then you pick up stitches around just about at the bustline and work the rest down from there.

What is really cool about that is that when you wrap the fronts over, the orientation of the stitches is changed and horizontal stripes become vertical stripes.

So it seems really promising from a stash-utilization perspective.
And it’s written for bulky weight yarn, so it should be a fairly quick knit.

Feels good to have a plan.

The Wrong Kind of White Fluff

We have snow.

Now, this isn’t entirely unusual (it IS January), but I’m having a hard time mustering any excitement about it.

So I’m trying to concentrate on indoor pursuits!

Especially those that serve to promote toastiness.

For example,

Cobblestone, beginning to look like it might be a sweater!


It’s really hard to take good true-to-life colors in photos of really dark colored objects, and that’s about all I could manage for now. But I have started one of the sleeves as well-


You’ll have to trust me when I tell you that the charcoal-y grey blend of Chone and Spike is much more appealing in person.

And I’ve been spending a little quality time with Hank, my Pirtle wheel, spinning nice soft cushy singles-


Aren’t they fun? No idea what they want to be yet.
But I’m ok with that.

(see last post ) 🙂