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Comfort Food

It’s been a while since I posted about Autumn’s End.
It’s still going- and I’m pretty far into the body now


It’s a nice lace pattern, and from time to time I get in a groove with it, but the rows are long, and the yarn is fine. So progress seems very slow.

That photo above is maybe 3 weeks work.
Yeah, I’m not making very good time.

So I was kind of feeling the need for something quick and satisfying. Something like this


Rainy night dinner of oatmeal with cranberries, banana, pecans, milk and brown sugar.

Something soft and warm, hearty and restorative.


Mmmmm. That’s Edgar 2011, Chone 2012, and Felix/Frank 2016.
Singles, chained into an unspun three-ply as I was knitting it.

“Shades of the Flock” chunky cowl. A quick knit on size 13 needles.

Still a little damp from it’s bath, but I might have to take the hairdryer to it so I can enjoy its sweet soft fuzziness without delay.

The wool equivalent of comfort food.

Why they call it Fall

Apparently we are catching the remnants of a typhoon.

This big poplar out in the pasture was our first casualty.


It took out part of our fence as it fell, so we had to do a little creative mending to close the gap for now.


The sheep are enjoying the leaves that are still somewhat green, but that’s going to be  a lot of cleanup!


Closer to the house, we lost one trunk of a big ornamental cherry.



That’s the damage so far. the second wave is supposed to hit this afternoon-evening. More rain. More high winds.

Fun fun fun.

In other news, Autumn’s End is coming along. One sleeve done.


Sleeve one was a trial run for gauge and learning the chart- made a couple mistakes along the way, but came out well in the end.

Onward to sleeve #2!