Couch Chicken

Introducing my chicken friend Buttercup

She’s got little forget-me-not-ish blossoms on her wings, as well as some other subtle embroidery on her winds and tail feathers that I’m finding hard to photograph. I think she’s so sweet. I’m really pleased with how the pattern worked in felt. I did all the stitching for this little girl by hand, so it was kind of slow-going. If I make another, I will probably go to the sewing machine now that I have a good feel for how the assembly should go. So many ideas for other felty chicken characters!

In other news, seed starting has begun! Yesterday I sowed tomatoes

+ Gladiator Hybrid giant roma that I don’t have a seed packet for.


and Eggplants:

It’s exciting to have the 2024 garden underway. I have big plans to expand the footprint of my outside growing area, and am hoping to go get a trailerload of mushroom compost to move that project forward as soon as our big blue truck is up to the task.

And the Griff Smokeshow vest is really starting to look like something-

As soon as I finish up the right front, I’m going to do an in-progress steam block to see how the cable pattern looks once the yarn relaxes a bit. It feels like it’s on track- If the back goes as smoothly (and I don’t run out of Griff singles) I think this project might come together pretty quickly. Guess I should start looking for the right buttons 🙂

Have a great week everyone-


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna. With the seed starting and the recent mild weather i was really feeling like spring was right around the corner. Not so much now! Hopefully this snow is winter’s last hurrah-


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