Been mighty cold the last few days.

Spent most of my time hunkered down near the pellet stove, with trips out to tend critters.

No snow to speak of, just cold and wind.

The sheep don’t seem to mind, thankfully. I’ve got a defroster in their water, so that helps.

Speck the chicken would probably be ok in the hoophouse overnight as she’s pretty robust, but almost lost Yellow Chig overnight Thursday, so I’ve been bringing them both into the laundry room in a dog crate the last two nights. Despite that, Yellow Chig seems to be losing steam. Way too skinny, and having crop issues but still hanging in there. Poor girl.

Anyway, one bright spot this week was getting a completely unexpected package in the mail from The Shepherd, whose fancy vest I finished up a couple/few months ago.

12 oz total of Sister Jean roving. What a lovely surprise!

Not sure yet what it wants to be, but I took it for a test spin yesterday (Dala) to get a feel for it.

Notes to self: chain ply, .455 oz, 23 yds knit on size 3/4 needles, 5 st/in, 7.25 rows/in .455 oz, 23.5 yds

If my math is correct, and I spun it all up to those specs, I could get about 600 yds. or I could go finer with a two-ply. Two ply would be nice for colorwork. Decisions, decisions.

While hunkered by the pellet stove I’ve made more progress on the unspun sweater, serving as background here for my most recent blendy spin.

Really close to done with the knitting now (though, as I mentioned last week, I expect I’ll need to reknit the last few inches of the other sleeve)— so the finishing bit has been on my mind a lot lately.

I’m considering steeking it up the front and making it a cardigan/jacket. Been thinking about the best way to do that, and if button/loop closure would still be viable, or if I’d be looking at working a button band.

But I’m tired and grumpy from the cold, and having a hard time making a decision. Maybe once my brain thaws out.

Take it easy, and stay toasty folks-


  1. Donna

    I am sorry about Yellow Chig. I had been wondering about you bringing her in the house in a crate when we last zoomed. Cold weather is vicious on old thin animals. I love the Sister Jean swatch. How nice of him to gift that to you! Good luck deciding about the sweater. I am not sure how unspun yarn would handle steeking and button holes. But a cardigan would sure be nice.

    • denisemor

      didn’t see this comment until just now. it seems WP has stopped sending me notifications. hmmm. will have to look into that. in any case, yeah, the cold was too much for her, I’m afraid.


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