Out For A Spin

I had the pleasure of going to a spinning event yesterday! St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In in Burlington, hosted by the Bellingham Spindrifters, NWRSA area 2015.

It was great fun, and very well attended. I’m thinking maybe 200-250 people? A nice range of vendors, used equipment for sale, raffles, door prizes, some snacks. I had a really nice time browsing wares, spinning, and talking wool and wheels with folks.

I took Sophie with, as she’s an easy traveler, and spun up some blendy batts that I’d carded up the day before

And I picked up some more recycled sari silk from Siren of the Skeins to play with on the carder.

like so

Back at home, The Man made great progress on Dala’s end cap repair

We’re almost there! Endcap looks great. Just need to do some shaping on the reconstructed peg, and she’ll be whole again. Here is the repaired piece in place

And today I completed my first sleeve on the unspun sweater-

I’d carefully measured out my remaining Nutiden-

and divided it into two batches for the two cuffs, thinking I was being all clever and organized. But now that I’m ready to start the second sleeve, I’m reminded that I knit two rows of the green just below the yoke. So I’m probably going to have to unknit/reknit the first cuff before I’m done. Oh well.

That’s all I’ve got as far as wool-related content today. But I also wanted to share a link to a video I was watching this morning that really resonated. Jessica Soward of Roots and Refuge Farm on resilience.

Have a great week-


  1. Donna Schoonover

    That video was really interesting and resonated with me as well. I am sorry I missed St. Distaff’s day because of the birthday trip. Otherwise I would have been there. Glad it was so well attended. Nice looking fibers, as always.

    • denisemor

      we missed you at the spin in! was nice to get to meet Dorothy in person tho. A number of folks I haven’t seen a long time, too.


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