Return of the Locker Hook

Was a warm day out at the Alger Sunday market- a bit of a challenging environment for wool sales. 😉

But was nice to be out and have a chance to chat with folks about the sheeps and their fabulous fiber- and also to have a bit of quiet crafting time. I brought along a long-dormant project, my locker hooking sample

And I made quite a bit of progress! It is very close to being a pillow, or maybe a seat cushion.

Garden update-

Tomato lineup- clockwise from upper left: large Italian, German Pink, Orange Paruche, Blush, Black Cherry

Cherokee Purple are just starting to color up, as are Blot peppers. More on those next week

And I found my first Weinlanderin bean!

Neat, eh?

Also, I’m pleased to report that I got my hay. Boo Kitten is so happy to have her sweet-smelling highrise hangout back, and I’m relieved to have sheep food put away for the winter.

Have a good week folks!


  1. Donna

    So glad you got hay. Your tomatoes and peppers are much more advanced than our with my crummy start. But we do have beans and lots of blueberries.

    • denisemor

      yeah, me too. sounds like it’s been a tough year for hay-making. and prices reflect that. but glad to have it put away. My beans are really coming through now as well. really excited about the weinlanderin beans that you gave me. never done pole beans before. their flowers are so pretty!


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