The Heat is On

And it really zaps my energy.

But I’ve been trying to make good use of the mornings, before the full force of the sun is upon us. Making sure everyone has fresh cool water and trying to stay on top of garden chores.

The garden, of course is going nuts with all these heat inputs- so that’s the focus today. Standby for photo-overload 🙂

Large Italian tomato- crazy that these big fruits are among the first to ripen. is off to a super-productive start.
German Pink – first ripe fruit. Such a gorgeous rosy color!
Diamond Eggplant (this is by far the most productive plant- seems to like the far south corner of the hoophouse)
D’Elene Celery – this guy did well in the hoophouse, shaded by peas and cukes. more planted outside are not quite as far along yet.
Blot pepper- excited to see how these ripen and change color
Sheepnose Pimento pepper- need I say more? who doesn’t love a sheep nose 🙂
Craig’s Grande (not so grande yet!) Jalapeno
and even some little Cayenne peps!
Petite Gris De Renne melons (only a few this size so far- hoping for more!)

Also noticed this morning that Black Cherry tomatoes are starting to show some color.

Also wanted to share a photo of a new-to-me plant that I got in a seed swap this spring. Malabar Spinach. So unusual and beautiful.

and my Weinlanderin beans are flowering. Aren’t these just the sweetest little flowers?

ok, that’s probably enough for now.

Forecast is promising a cooling trend starting tomorrow. Low 80’s will be such a relief!

Have a good week folks-


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