Storms, and Weathering Them

This past week we had a major windstorm that brought a big chunk of one of our trees down.

Was thankful it didn’t land on top of anything, but will probably take quite a while to clean up.

Lots of trees (and other things) down in the area- we were without power wed-friday, and didn’t get internet back until Saturday morning.

The generator kept us in heat and coffee, but no internet meant I couldn’t work from home. So I was observing Covid protocols and going into the office for a couple of days.

Perhaps it was best to be off the web for a few days, as it gave me a bit of a break from the news cycle.

Spinning has been a comfort amidst all this craziness. I’m continuing to crank out the Dottie yarn, and have three lovely shades now

Meanwhile, the girl herself is busy out in the pasture growing another big fluffy fleece-

And work continues on the hoophouse – south end twinwall is done!

We’re getting there–


  1. Donna

    I love to see Dottie growing lovely wool for you! Happy the hoop house wasn’t damaged be that horrible storm. We are all still working on tree damage.


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