So, Can You See It Now?

Wow. That was one hell of a week, eh?

For the record, Senior Trump official: “We were wrong. He’s a Fascist.”

Here’s hoping we can hang on and hold our democracy together until Jan 20.

Here locally, I am distracting myself with wool, per usual. More squishy feel-good yarn

Dottie and Esther yarns

And, we’ve made a start on the twinwall installation on the hoophouse

Which is awesome, because our garden seed just came in the mail.

Just trying to stay productive and focusing on what (little) I can control.

Take care, and stay safe folks-


  1. Donna

    Your yarns are gorgeous (as always). And it is so great to see the walls starting on the hoophouse. Congratulations!
    I am hoping this doesn’t disintegrate into a civil war. These are crazy times. Nice to have a farm with a garden, right?

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- yes, so glad to have a farm and garden in times like these. A balm for the soul as well as food for the table.


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