After the Rains

Over the course of this past week we got 3.04 inches of rain! So we are now thoroughly dampened and out of any fire danger. Air is nice and clear too!

Now that the curtain of rain has parted, we find ourselves well and fully in Fall. Sheep seem pleased with the change of seasons-

And decided to take Goadldi’s suggestion and make a pair of fingerless mitts from my first Fiona skein

Just kind of winged it with the pattern, and initially they turned out a little too large, but the addition of a cable down the top and ribbing on the palm pulled them in just perfectly to make a snug fit

In hoophouse news, we’ve got the corner groundposts in! Been slow getting started because the site is a little challenging, but now that we’ve established the footprint and are confident that everything is square, I think we are on our way.

Hoping that we’ll have nice crisp Fall weather for a while so we can keep this project moving!

Ps. Go Hawks! 3 and 0! Woo Hoo ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Goatldi

    Wow nice mitts and great save with the
    cable! Glad to have been of help. I am starting a pair to replace the well worn ones in the barn.

    We in California the land of over 7,000 fires since August 1st envy your rain. Happy things are looking up for you.

  2. Donna

    It must feel nice to get those posts in the ground! At least the weather is cooperative for the time being.
    Speaking of cooperative weather, there might be the possibility of seeing auroras from your place tonight and tomorrow night. I am watching the NOAA site to see if it is worthwhile getting up and driving in the middle of the night to try to see them. We have poor northern views from our place.
    And Go Hawks! They don’t make it look easy, but they are winning!!!

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna! it was pretty satisfying to get the corners established. hope to get the rest of the ground posts driven in short order. I’ll have look into the auroras- have never seen one before!


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