All Spun Up

Picking up where I left off last weekend, here is the first skein of baby Fiona yarn-

Still Life with Wool and Apples 🙂

I love the heathery oatmeal color. Just what I was hoping for! The little girl has also turned out to be super friendly, so that is awesome. Such a little sweetie.

In other news, I finally got myself some rooting hormone so I took a little time the other day to harvest some one of our beautiful old rhodies that is on it’s last legs. Here is a photo of it a few years ago when it was in better shape- it’s the dark purple one in the middle of the photo

Here are the little cuttings all prepped and tucked in their pots

and then they go into their ziplock bags to keep them nice and humidified during their incubation.

So now we wait. And maybe in a few months, if the stars align correctly, one or more of them might root and the dark purple rhody’s legacy will continue. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, we’ve got our hands full with a new project!

Yes indeed- its a hoophouse! All the pieces, at least. “Some Assembly Required” you know.

Thankful to have a big project to focus on for the next couple of months, and very excited about the prospect of starting seeds out their early next spring!


  1. Goatlid

    I am very excited for you getting a hoop house. I had a nice little green house at my last farm site . Had to break it down to move it to the new farm site 350 miles away. It hasn’t been put up yet. Miss it.

    Fiona’s skein is beautiful! Would it make up into some nice fingerless mittens?

    Looking forward to seeing how the rhodie revival comes along.

    • denisemor

      thanks Goadldi- I’ve been wanting a hoophouse for a long time. so glad to finally get this going! Not sure what I’ll do with the Fiona yarn yet. Something small like fingerless gloves might be a good project for getting to know this new fiber.

  2. Donna

    I love the still life photo! And I know you have a project ahead of you with that hoophouse but so worthwhile. If you happen to end up with extra purple rhodies, I wouldn’t mind adopting one.


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