Back Behind the Wheel

Spent a little quality time with Elsa this week

And turned out probably about 500 yards of Dottie’s lightest silver shade.

I’ve got most of her 2019 fleece left, so I thought I’d separate it out into maybe three different shades and spin it all up so it will be project-ready.

I hadn’t spun all that much on Elsa yet, so spent a little time getting her all adjusted and lubricated, but then she just flew! Was so nice to get back behind the wheel and just let the wool flow through my hands. Almost like meditating.

And out in the pasture it was a beautiful day- almost 50 degrees!

I took the christmas tree out to the sheep, and they seemed to enjoy the piney treat.

Dottie’s 2020 fleece is shaping up to be really lovely- and darker than previous years from what I can tell. Tried to get a closeup to share today but she wasn’t having any of it.

Frank and Felix fleeces are also looking nice- so maybe we’ve gotten their itchy skin issues sorted out (?) So far they don’t look like they’re felting like they have in the past (fingers crossed that it holds into the spring!).

I’ll sign off for 2019 with a little bit of gratuitous chicken footage

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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