Home Sweet Home

Sorry I missed y’all last week- I was away in Florida doing some pre-holiday visiting.

Now I’m back, but am kind of too wiped out to do much Christmas prep.

So if you’re someone who would normally get a Christmas card from me, sorry in advance. Probably not going to happen.

I got a tiny tree up

But that’s about as far as it’s going I think. I had this fleeting thought that I might do another batch of gingerbread for local consumption over Christmas and New Year’s, but the opportunity has passed.

I am very happy to be home with The Man and our critters, and thankful to be looking forward to a low-key holiday of knitting by the glow of the pellet stove

Textured Lace Cowl, cast on for my trip last week-

After that, perhaps I’ll have the energy to focus on some new year’s resolutions…..

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas 🙂

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