Shetland Sheep Tour!

Yesterday I got to visit a couple of Shetland flocks that I’ve not met before!

First down in Duvall, there was MacFinn Farm


Sorry the photos of her beautiful critters are out of focus- they were all kinds of beautiful colors and patterns-
And there was this sweet fella, Rudy- who reminded me very much of my dear departed Edgar.


These guys were also performed like a drill team- I wish I’d taken a video of them making their way from their holding pen to the pasture- they leaped and strode out of the gate- swooshing back behind the house, circling back around and then pouring themselves so gracefully into their hilly, treed pasture. So fun to watch!

From there, we come back up north to Sleepy Hollow Shetlands. Again- sorry for the quality of the photos- I was too caught up in hanging out with the sheeps and admiring their lovely fleeces


And another gregarious moorit! This shetland ambassador is Iris 🙂


I really hadn’t planned on acquiring any more wool on this tour, but by resolve left me when I spied Marta’s unique fleece-


The frosty tips and soft hand just sucked me in. It’s not really the kind of fleece that Sally favors (not as fine and crimpy as most of her sheep), but it’s right in my wheelhouse 🙂
I didn’t get to meet the girl- as she was off getting busy making more lambies, but I did find this photo of her on their Facebook page.

Here’s another raw fleece photo

I’ve already washed up a little batch of it- and it’s going to be a lovely heathery charcoal color- and should be a really fun spin!

After Sleepy Hollow, we ended up back at Schoonover Farm, where I got a chance to see and try out Donna’s amazing new Jocko wheel.
Truly a work of art.

Was a great way to spend the day!


  1. Michelle

    That’s my Marta! I brought her in from Minnesota, and retained her wethered son Bing and her lovely daughter Blaise, both of whom are finer and crimpier.

    • denisemor

      Yeah, I was trying to forget how the Hawks game went . Was glad to have Monday off, as it meant I could dive right into the Marta fleece. I love sampling!


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