Revisiting Stalled Projects

Now that I’ve finished up the vest- I’m turning my attention back to a couple of things that were left unfinished in the last couple of years.

First up- 2nd sock from I can’t remember when.


Not quite sure when I started these, as I can’t seem to find any earlier pictures in my photostream, and I don’t generally track “standard recipe” socks in my Ravelry projects. Maybe I cast on for them when I was traveling in May. In any case, it’s time to get them finished up.

Then there is Autumn’s End, started October 2016. I got fairly far along with this sweater- but then started to doubt if it would fit me, and took a break from it. 2 year break, as it turns out. Time to decide if it goes forward or not.


And my 99% complete argyle socks. They are truly almost done (despite what the photo suggests). I just wasn’t completely happy with the tension on the edges of a couple of the diamonds. I was trying to snug them up a bit as I was weaving in ends, and got frustrated and put them away.


And I also hope to get a some more spinning done now that the days are shortening and we turn more to indoor pursuits.

Here are a couple of new spins that I managed to turn out this week- Esther and Bam Bam (I think), drying in a little bit of sun we got today after the downpour


Have a great week-
Go Hawks! 🙂

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