Ah, That’s Better-

Our big apple tree is breathing a sign of relief


after giving up most all of his fruits.

This is maybe half of what we handed off to friends for cider-making


I kept some for our own use, and have a couple boxes of undamaged grounders that will be sheep snacks over the next few weeks.

And there are still some up there-


that I’m ok with leaving to the birds.

There are enough to go around. And around. And around 🙂

And speaking of going around and around, I’ve been making pretty good progress on the shawl collared vest.


About 4 inches ago I put the underarm stitches on holders and cast on the steek stitches for the arm holes. Also started decreases to shape the elongated v-neck.


So far, so good. Maybe by next weekend I’ll be ready to sew and cut the steeks!


    • denisemor

      Yeah, that tree is a serious overacheiver- Thanks for taking them. It’s happy to know that they will be put to good use!


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