The Smoke has (Mostly) Cleared

And there was much rejoicing!
Thanks to everyone who came out to Fiber Day at the Bow Market. It was a beautiful afternoon, as the sky was blue and we all breathed a little more easily.

And since then, we’ve also had rain! Measurable rain! Which we really needed.

While at the market, I was able to finish up some fingerless mitts that I started on the knitting cruise- as a trial run of a new yarn, Edition 3– the newest member of the zauberball family!


All the awesome color combos of Zauberball Crazy, but in a DK weight. Neato frito, eh? 🙂

Quite a bit left over


Maybe enough for another pair?

In other news, I got started cleaning the cast iron lamb cake mold. I’ve been scrubbing it out with salt, using q-tips to get into the tight areas. Now that I’ve gotten the muzzle cleaned out, it’s kind of amazing to see how much detail is in the mold.


Eye sockets, nose and mouth all coming through now-


though I suspect it will be tricky keeping those lovely details from sticking in the pan.

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