Bow Market Fiber Day+ Lambie Surprise!

Hey- so the Bow Market Fiber Day is coming up fast! If you’re looking for some woolly goodness, make sure to swing by Thursday afternoon.

I’ll have yarn,


blended batts


and hats!


I’m also working on some natural colored yarns that coordinate beautifully with the flashy dyed skeins.


So we’ll see how much of that I can get done by Thursday 🙂


And, I wanted to share something special I got in the mail from my mom this week.
My gram’s cast iron lamb cake mold.


I’m told that it originally belonged to my great, great grandmother, who probably brought it over with her from Germany. It’s in good shape, but needs to be cleaned up and re-seasoned before I can try to make my first lamb cake.


I’ve always been more of a cookie baker, but I’m so excited to give this a shot!

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