Tidying Up

Finally got a hold of Frank and Felix today, and managed to get their haircuts finished up (Yay!)

Frank wasn’t thrilled to be the subject of my fussing, but was a good boy once I got the halter on him


Felix was another story. He resisted right to the end.
So no pictures on that one.
Man am I pooped.

But they both look fairly respectable now, so I’m calling it good.

In other wool news, I did a little bit of dyeing this weekend!

Trying out Abundant Earth Wool Tinctures


Each packet dyes 7 oz of wool


Since I was dyeing fleece rather than yarn, I decided to go with my big pot, just so that the fleece would be able to move freely in the bath (yes, that is Gus commandeering my chair 🙂 )


Here are the Blood Orange “teabags” dissolving in the pot


And the fleece fresh out of the bath


Fleece in the pot taking up Deep Water in batch #2.


The colors are fabulous. I had a little issue with the Deep Water breaking into bright blue and hunter green- and I’m not sure what I might have done to cause that. Perhaps I screwed up the addition of the citric acid. But once dried and carded together, it all came together nicely- here is a sample skein



  1. Donna Schoonover

    I am sorry about Felix. But your wool turned out lovely.
    BTW There are 4 goat-killing cougars in our area. Fish and Wildlife caught two but since they were juveniles they released them yesterday. Be extra watchful over your animals.

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna. While Felix was being difficult, in retrospect I do give him some credit for resisting. He’s got spirit. thats for sure 🙂 I have been following the cougar news as well. Seems like it’s been coming from all over. Everywhere I look I expect to see one, but thankfully haven’t, yet.


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