Washout Weekend

It’s been quite a rainy couple of days.
But that’s October. And we needed it. So no hard feelings 😉

But the sheep are still being difficult with regards to sharing space with Esther, so there has been some drama in the shed during the downpour. I think it’s slowly getting better, but sometimes it seems like one step forward, two steps back.
Kind of frustrating.

Anyway, this week i tried out another ornament pattern, Christmas Balls.


It has three designs, and i chose to work the Kilim chart.


Its a cute pattern, and i think it turned out ok, but i the design probably would show more clearly if I’d used a two-ply yarn, or if i could have figured out a way to block it properly.


I like it well enough that I’d knit it again, but I found it kind of fiddly doing stranded colorwork on double pointed needles, so it took me forever to make this little guy. Not really a quick project.

So i think I’m going back to making tiny birds (and finishing my shawl!)

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