Tiny Birds

This week I have been knitting tiny birds.


They are fun to make- lots of interesting little shaping sections. I’ve started with the Bluebird of Happiness pattern and changed the tail shaping a so it fans out a little bit rather than coming to a point.

The plan is that they will get eyes, and perhaps little additional embellishment and become holiday ornaments.

They look really sharp against some koolaid reds (on taupe colored Griff yarn) I dyed on the run this morning (that’s fruit punch on the left, black cherry on the right)


so perhaps they’ll each get a red tassel or something.

I’m also trying out a stranded colorwork bauble-type ornament.
Just in the early stages on that one, so no pics yet.

In other news, our baby chicken girls are just starting to lay, so that’s cool.
I love the cute little “starter eggs” (one the left)


Not really miniature, just kind of petite. And all the ones I’ve found so far are green-ish, so that’s neat.

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