Report from the Surface of the Sun

Yeah, we’re a bunch of weather wimps.
Sunshine is a lovely thing as long as the temps don’t get above 80.
When it gets into the upper eighties we run for cover. 🙂

The sheep spent most of the day hanging loose in the shade, but once the sun started dipping over the hills to the west they enjoyed some good grazing time on the newly mowed pasture.


One thing the warm weather is good for is drying fleece- and I’ve been making pretty good progress on this year’s wool crop.
Today I finished up Edgars.


It’s a beautiful golden brown and so soft- should coordinate beautifully with Bambam.

I finished up another batch of Bambam yarn this week- here it is posing with Stumpy the rooster-


Moto the e-spinner is doing a marvelous job with Bambam. I think that being able to just set a certain RPM makes it so easy to be consistent. And we just put the finishing touches on Moto, so now he’s got his regular scotch tension set up.


And on the knitting side of things, look who I finished up this week!


Her name is Flora, and she’s such a sweetie.


    • denisemor

      Thanks Michelle- I’ve been spinning quite a bit lately to get a feel for the e-spinner, and I am really hooked on it! The Man has really outdone himself this time 🙂


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