Of Sheeps and Skeins

So I think I forgot to show you how the little estonian sheep puppet turned out!


Isn’t he a cutie?


It occurred to me that you could do so many different things with these little sheeps. So many different styles and characters-
I’ve had this really lovely book for a few years now that I’ve been wanting to make something from,


and I found a great floral chart to make a very girly puppet


So pretty. Just needs ears, stuffing and some features. Hopefully complete by next week.

In other sheepy news, I am pleased to report that my boy Edgar is doing better. My current theory, as weird as it sounds, is that this is somehow related to him eating chicken poops, so I’ve been trying to keep areas around the shed cleared where the droppings tend to accumulate. Perhaps that will help break this nasty habit.

And I have a little Skein show and tell- I took my first batch of Bambam out for a photoshoot in the garden-



Sadie the sunshine pup says- have a great week!



  1. Maureen

    Very glad to hear that Edgar is feeling better! Weird that he picked up that habit. I am used to the dogs snarfing up the avian bonbons, but was near-horrified when I saw one of my cats nibbling away on one. So gross in any species but for some reason I give the dogs a free pass. They love the deep litter in the sheep shed too. I am glad you figured it out for Edgar.

    • denisemor

      Good to hear from you Maureen! I’m not sure I really have it figured out, though. Edgar has been up and down since this update. Keep a good thought for the boy. Hoping I can get him through whatever is ailing him.

      • Maureen

        Darn! I have been thinking of you/him often since you posted on the NW Shetlands list and was hoping he was on the mend. I will definately keep positive thoughts for him. Another thought would be to post on the Sheep Forum on Facebook – symptoms, diagnostics, treatments. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on the list.


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