St. Cecilia’s First Bloom

I should have taken a bunch of photos today- the sun came out and everything is incredibly lush from all the recent rain.
I’ve got roses and raspberries and cherries all coming on so fast, blueberries not far behind.
Pretty heady stuff.

But I was was satisfied to just take it all in today. The only photos I took were of my new rose, St.Cecilia.


A valentine present from The Man, she arrived in the mail earlier this spring.
I’d always wanted this particular rose because of the really lovely fragrance-

David Austin Roses website describes it as “very strong and both remarkable and unusual; an English Rose myrrh character with lemon and almond blossom.”

Wish the photo was a scratch and sniff so I could share it with you.
She’s off to an awesome start 🙂

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